Local Connection: George H.W. Bush’s Legacy

Local Connection: George H.W. Bush’s Legacy
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The many days spent honoring the man and remembering the life of President George H.W. Bush was an important moment of reflection for all of us in these turbulent times.

As with any President, his years in office were challenging and full of crossfires and controversy. But by all accounts, he treated friend and foe with respect and dignity.

Despite a personal story of heroism in war and success in business and politics, he approached the Presidency with sincere humility toward the awesome power of the office.

He personified the concept of servant leadership, putting his country first above his own ego, personal needs and grudges.

It seems that attitude may have been easy for a man – who seemed to never lose sight of the his core values as a faithful husband, devoted father and servant to God.

The commemoration of his life was a great reminder of how people used to feel about the highest office in the land. Even among those who disagreed with a President’s actions, there was a profound respect and appreciation for the demands of the office.

It’s a feeling we wish we could all share again, and for a brief time we did last week, as we followed his casket across the country.

Thank you George Herbert Walker Bush for that moment, and for your life of service.

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