State removes eyesore from Maunalua Bay shoreline

State removes eyesore from Maunalua Bay shoreline
The truck was apparently towed here and abandoned back in October. (Image: DLNR) (Source: DLNR)

HAWAII KAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Contractors moved concrete one shovel at a time Thursday in order to successfully remove a large eyesore that’s been parked on the Maunalua Bay shoreline.

The grueling process of shoveling hundreds of pounds of small and large pieces of concrete out of the truck took nearly five hours and cost the state $2,500 to complete.

Once the truck was empty, it was finally towed away.

The problem all began several months ago, when a truck with flat tires, broken windows and graffiti was apparently towed to the bay’s parking lot and abandoned.

On Oct. 31, the DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation posted that the truck was abandoned, which sent a notification to the truck’s last registered owner.

This owner did not respond to multiple parking tickets, certified letters, a notice posted on the truck’s windshield along with attempts to track her down.

DOBOR Acting Administrator Meghan Statts says she appreciates how concerned and patient the community was while the state worked on removing the truck.

The state had to follow legal requirements before moving the truck, which is why it took a while.

“It’s unfortunate that people will just dump something like this next to a public shoreline and walk away,” Statts said. "If we can locate the owner, she could be responsible for the costs involved in removing the truck and its contents.”

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