Kaneohe couple traveling with their newborn baby shaken after steel beams crash into their SUV

Kaneohe couple traveling with their newborn baby shaken after steel beams crash into their SUV
Steel beams slam through a family's car on the way to see Santa. (Image: Chelcie Edwards)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Kaneohe couple taking their baby to see Santa came within inches of tragedy on Nimitz Highway, when several steel beams flew off a truck and into their SUV.

“It was like a boom! Glass shattered and I just started screaming,” Chelcie Edwards said.

Edwards says the accident was like something out of a movie.

At around 2 p.m. Wednesday near the intersection of Nimitz and Mokauea Street, Edwards says they were sitting in traffic when the driver behind them slammed on his breaks.

"It was very loud, very quick. The steel beams went straight down the middle and the head rest in the middle actually came completely off," said Joseph Edwards.

Joseph Edwards was in the driver's seat. His wife in the back with their newborn daughter, covered in glass.

They say it's a miracle they walked away with just minor gashes and bruises.

"I"m usually constantly checking on [the baby] or just mesmerized by her beauty or what not, and that [beam] could have came through my head. We were just trying to take her to see Santa Claus and we could all be dead right now," Chelcie said.

The couple says the driver of the truck gave them a business card from welding contractor KWL Services, and they say the driver told them someone else at the company secured the beams to the truck.

“He was very apologetic, which I understand. It was an accident. I get it, but it was a careless accident,” Chelcie said.

KWL Services did not respond to Hawaii News Now’s messages.

The Edwards say the company's insurance rep reached out to them about the damages to their vehicle, but they've been told because they weren't seriously injured, they probably can't sue.

They say the experience was traumatic, and they believe more needs to be done to prevent this from happening again to other families.

“We do want awareness for the drivers in Hawaii, but we do want justice as well. It’s trauma. It is,” Chelcie said.

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