Adopt a family: This single mom is a domestic violence survivor trying to make ends meet

Helping Hands: Chinami Shimabukuro

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -Chinami Shimabukuro is a single mom, juggling two jobs while raising three children.

“I’m in the middle of a divorce and I’m trying to go on the road for a healing process from domestic violence,” Shimabukuro said. “I’m also working so I can support my kids, but I’m getting into school so that I can get a better career.” For the past year she has been receiving help from the Domestic Violence Action Center.

“The response to domestic violence, it doesn't stop at law enforcement or the court system,” said Ella Mojica, of the Domestic Violence Action Center. “Victims of DV face so many other challenges, finances being one of them.”

Even though she picks up extra shifts at work, it’s tough for the 28-year-old to make ends meet.

Chinami is looking forward to spending quality time with her children during the holidays.

“They like to go to the beach and go camping. My oldest one she loves ballet,” she said. “My middle son, he loves to play sports.” She says her two-year-old daughter loves to copy her older siblings.

The family has a simple wish this Christmas.

“I’m just hoping for us to all be okay, and we’re going to be happy,” she said.

“When we open our minds to understanding the impacts of abuse and open our hearts, maybe we can offer some relief for families like hers,” Mojica said.

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