Group trying to save Pali Lanes scores a big win

Group trying to save Pali Lanes scores a big win

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - A big breakthrough came Friday morning in the effort to protect the Pali Lanes bowling alley in the heart of Kailua.

Residents convinced the Hawaii Historic Places Review Board to declare the alley a historic place.

That could make it harder to redevelop the landmark property.

“Now it’s really up to the business owners to come to a deal with Alexander and Baldwin to help their business thrive in the future,” said Taylor Caster, with the group Save Pali Lanes.

Landowner Alexander and Baldwin announced plans to demolish Pali Lanes for development, but ultimately put those plans on hold after the community fought to save the iconic gathering place.

The company put all Kailua development on hold while it researches whether or not the bowling alley could be financially-sustainable.

“We’re disappointed with the board’s decision today because there is more regulatory work involved in considering some possibilities for the building,” said Darren Pai, with Alexander and Baldwin.

The development firm says keeping the space a bowling alley isn’t out of the question but will continue to research different options for the space.

The company also extended Pali Lanes lease through January of 2020 and included four months of free rent.

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