Local Connection: Speeding Enforcement on Oahu

Local Connection: Speeding Enforcement

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii News Now has been reporting our findings after investigating thousands of speeding citations issued by Honolulu police.

One of the key findings is that during most of this year – police speed enforcement has been dominated by highway drivers in urban Honolulu.

That confirms the observations of drivers – who almost daily see motorcycle officers with their speed guns stationed on on the town bound highway around the Radford overpass.

Police don't deny that practice – its driven by grants and the need to keep officers safe.

The good news is that they have renegotiated the grants and now plan to spread their presence into more areas to issue more warnings.

That’s the kind of new approach we need from all of the agencies involved in traffic safety – given that the death toll continues to creep up for pedestrians, passengers and drivers this year.

Its unfortunate that some of us need to get pulled over or pay a hefty fine to remind us that it is all of responsibility to keep each other safe.

In this holiday season – take a little pressure off of that gas pedal, pay attention, and turn off the cell phone. Not to avoid a ticket, but to avoid a tragedy.

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