Fissure no. 8 could soon get a Hawaiian name

Fissure no. 8 could soon get a Hawaiian name
Fissure no. 8 in Leilani Estates created a 180-foot-tall cone where homes and infrastructure used to stand. (Source: USGS)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Board of Geographic Names is discussing a plan to review potential new name proposals for Kilauea volcano’s features, including fissure no. 8 in Leilani Estates.

One application submitted by someone with ties to Puna, for example, would name the fissure “Keahiluawalu O Pele.”

“My ohana and I have lived within this area of Puna (Pohoiki, Nanawale Estates, Opihikao, Kalama) for generations and thru-out Volcano areas too,” Mahealani Kaiwikuamoʻokekuaokalani-Henry told Big Island Video News.

“And we take a very special interest in the naming of this and all future areas. It is traditional to receive names through our ancestors, gods and goddesses.”

She added that the name Keahiluawalu O Pele came to her in a dream.

Fissure no. 8, created during the eruption that started in early May but has since gone quiet, is a 180-foot-tall cone.

The board is also considering other name proposals.

Dale Smith, of Nevada, submitted the first application, recommending the name, “Pu’u Leilani.”

Officials say the naming of fissure no. 8 has been a hot button issue. It’s unclear when a final decision will be made.

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