Single mother gets emotional after receiving donated table

Single mother gets emotional after receiving donated table

KANSAS CITY, MO (KMBC/CNN) - Dinner at the kitchen table is a family tradition.

It's tough to do, though, when you don't have one.

One furniture store in Kansas City, MO, is trying to make sure nobody faces that by donating tables to single mothers.

Sarah Cardwell received a new custom-made dining table, bringing her and her children a little closer this holiday season.

"You guys rock seriously, you guys are so amazing," Cardwell said as the table was being delivered.

“They have not only materialistically changed our lives, but in the grand scheme of it all, deep down in my heart, they have changed me because now it is going to give me that chance to have that family time with my kids,” Cardwell said.

Unruh Furniture is behind the gift.

Once a month they donate a table to a hard-working mother in need.

“It can be where her children do homework, it can be a place where meals are prepared and made and conversations happen. So, that is our hope,” said Carly Zarda of Unruh Furniture.

For Cardwell, this table not only a gathering space, but also motivation to keep going.

“It makes me feel that even with the struggles as a single parent, that no matter what I do, I am always going to have that hard work and I am always going to know that no matter what, my kids are taken care of,” Cardwell said.

"It really makes life seems a little bit brighter."

Unruh Furniture has given away 58 tables so far.

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