After breaking Blaisdell box office records, comedian Jo Koy to film Netflix special in Hawaii

After breaking box office records, comedian Jo Koy back in Honolulu filming Netflix special

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Last November, comedian Jo Koy sold out 11 shows at the Blaisdell Concert Hall, breaking the record for the most tickets sold by a single artist.

"That response last year, I can't even explain it," Koy said. "That was a phenomenon. That's something that I'm always going to remember in my career."

The Filipino funnyman is back in Hawaii on tour, this time, performing four sold out shows in a bigger venue right next door — the Blaisdell Arena.

Koy says he was blown away by the love Hawaii fans showed him last year, so he's filming his upcoming Netflix special right here in Honolulu.

"I broke a record. I've got to document that. I've got to show my love back. I got to put Hawaii on the map," Koy said.

Koy says he doesn't know why his popularity skyrocketed all of a sudden in Hawaii.

The comedian has been coming to the islands for shows since 2001, and says it was always a struggle for him.

"I broke out of other markets quicker. I broke Kansas City faster than I did Hawaii. Can you believe that? I love (Hawaii) 100-percent, but this is the absolute hardest market to break into," Koy said.

After signing the deal with Netflix, Koy says he's excited to share his love of the Aloha State with the rest of the world.

Crews will be taping his performances on Saturday and Sunday night for the special.

"I want to make sure when I talk about this lifestyle, this culture, that someone in Omaha will go, 'that's exactly what it was like when we went to visit Hawaii,'" he said.

"I did a joke about Toyota Tacomas. I got so many emails and comments from people that are not from Hawaii."

Along with his comedy tour, Koy says he’s been busy with other projects, including a role in the upcoming live-action movie, Anastasia.

He says he hopes to find time to relax while in Hawaii and indulge in his favorite local grinds at Zippy's.

“I had the loco moco, man. Chili on top of the rice on the side. Who gets a side order of chili and rice? Only in Hawaii,” Koy laughed.

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