Spicing up Thanksgiving with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey

A new tradition or an abomination?

How not to ruin Thanksgiving

(RNN) – Hold onto your giblets, it seems we’re getting bored with Thanksgiving.

How else can you explain the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey the folks in the Reynolds Kitchens have come up with?

Imagine if Mount Vesuvius had a guest spot on “The Chew,” this would be the result.

It’s a bit like preparing a regular turkey, but with a zesty crunchy coating.

The bird is basted with butter and then pulverized Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are packed on the surface. It’s all slipped into an oven bag and baked.

In old-school households, feathers will fly over this sort of fowl play with the traditional holiday bird.

But for those who like to try new things or just don’t care, they’re sure to gobble this up.

As it always does, social media quickly sounded off when it saw the recipe.

Jemele Hill declared, “The devil is REAL.”

Phil Watson fixed it and wasn’t impressed.

“Hot Cheetos turkey declared a human rights violation,” he said.

Erin Ruberry was a bit more pragmatic.

“Do whatever makes you happy. If that’s Hot Cheetos on your turkey, go for it,” she said. “We’re all just doing our best to get by.”

And then there was Austin Lott, who went Dr. Seuss after seeing the recipe.

“I would not eat this on a boat. I could not have this in a moat. I will not try it on a train. I will not taste it, it’s insane. It is not cute, it seems too quirky. I will not eat your Hot Cheetos Turkey.”

If flamin’ hot isn’t your style, there are other, possibly more palatable options from the same kitchen, including birds topped with crushed Cool Ranch Doritos or Funyuns (it looks like the folks at Reynolds are tight with Fritos).

But, no matter your choice, there’s still a place to carve out your own tradition for the holiday (even if it involves smashed snack foods).

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