Juvenile arrested for fatally shooting cat with arrow

Juvenile arrested for fatally shooting cat with arrow

WAHIAWA (HawaiiNewsNow) - On Tuesday night, Teri Fonoti discovered a gravely injured cat outside her home.

“I bent down to look at it and that’s when I noticed there was an arrow through it’s head and I could hear its labored breathing,” she said.

She didn’t feel safe after seeing the injury, so she walked back into her apartment and called 911.

“They said it wasn’t a police matter because it was more of an issue with the humane society and I should call them,” she said.

Fonoti was able to get through on an emergency line to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

The person on the phone told her to go back outside to see if that cat was still breathing. When she left her apartment and returned to the spot where she first found the cat, the animal was gone.

“I did have a picture of it so, I did email it to the humane society,” Fonoti said.

The Hawaiian Humane Society launched a full investigation and created a flyer warning other pet owners in the neighborhood.

“People that treat animals that way, it really reflects on how they might treat other people shows a propensity for violence towards other animals and human beings,” said Harold Han, director of operations for the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Han says Fonoti did the right thing by calling 911 first. The police department said it was appropriate for Fonoti to call them, but the 911 dispatcher may not have fully understood the situation.

Fonoti’s information led to an arrest in the case.

Late Friday afternoon, HPD said that a male juvenile had been charged with second-degree animal cruelty for shooting the cat. Because of the suspect’s age, no further information is available.

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