Sovereignty activists block gate to Pacific Missile Range Facility in protest

Around 17 protesters were at the site Friday morning.

Sovereignty activists block gate to Pacific Missile Range Facility in protest
Activists are blocking the gate to the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai. (Image: Hiwa Makananui) (Source: Hiwa Makananui)

MANA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sovereignty activists are taking a bold stand by blocking a military installation in Mana.

The group, called the Sovereignty Kanaka Nation, is protesting outside the main gate of the Pacific Missile Range Facility and its leaders have a list of demands for the military.

Topping their list, they want a sit-down meeting with government officials to talk about what they call an illegal occupation of their sovereign land.

The facility entrance is several miles from the nearest town.

Dozens of police officers were there this morning and at most, there were 17 protesters.

The protesters say the military should pay rent to help the native people.

“They probably thought that we were joking, but we’re dead serious and we’re prepared to do the long haul and to wait until we actually hear from the person we want to hear from,” Abraham Kahiwahiwa Makananui said. “Someone had to draw the line in the sand."

The group says it is blocking the public from Barking Sands, but they are allowing in essential military workers.

“We gave them a list of requests that were not met and gave them a date. You know I don’t know whether we caught them by surprise and didn’t think we were gonna show but we’re here,” Makananui said.

The military doesn’t seem too bothered. A spokesperson tells us they “respect the group’s right to free speech and understand they do not plan to interfere with the safety and security of the base.”

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