Kauai teenager lands part in New York musical about rare bleeding disorders

Fifteen-year-old Irina Floyd suffers from hemophilia.

Kauai teenager lands part in New York musical about rare bleeding disorders

KAPAA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Fifteen-year-old Irina Floyd landed a part in a Broadway-style musical production that debuts in New York next month.

The show is about teenagers who have bleeding disorders.

The Kapaa High School sophomore has hemophilia.

"My levels are low enough to where I'm classified as a mild hemophiliac," she said.

Irina's mother, Regina, and her older brother are also hemophiliacs.

The rare disease affects about one in 10,000 people. The condition prevents blood from clotting properly.

Carriers need to be careful about getting cuts or nosebleeds or injuries that cause internal bleeding.

“Being a carrier, there’s a good chance 50-50 of her passing it down,” Regina Floyd said.

The show is called “Hemophilia: The Musical" and is a Broadway-style musical that seeks to educate the audience on the challenges faced by young people with hemophilia.

At first Regina didn’t want to try out, and reluctantly taped an audition on her mother’s smartphone.

"And my mom was like, 'I'm not gonna take you to work if you don't audition,'" she said.

"She stood in front of my door in her McDonald's uniform and sang 32 bars of Annie's 'Tomorrow.' I just sent it in. I said,'What the heck,'" Regina Floyd said.

A few days later the show's producer, Believe Ltd., called with the good news.

"I was like, 'What! Why me? I'm just an ordinary kid,'" Irina said.

She started singing when she was little.

"She sings all the time," Regina said.

“Hemophilia: The Musical” is sponsored by BioMartin Pharmaceutical. All 25 cast members in the musical are teens who have bleeding disorders.

Irina is looking forward to meeting them.

"It'll be good to learn the steps that they take. How they overcame it in their life," she said.

Irina’s a tenth-grader at Kapaa High School. Besides school, she’s on a canoe paddling team, and has a part-time job.

She just received the music for the show and has to learn her part before rehearsals begin next week.

"Finding time will be kinda hard but if it matters to me, which is does, then I'll find time," she said.

The musical is set for Nov. 12 at New World Stages theater in the heart of New York’s theater district.

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