Healthier Hawaii: How to start seeing exercise as a prescription

Healthier Hawaii: How to start seeing exercise as a prescription

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Living a healthier life can come in small increments, not in major life changes. Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Jill Inouye from the Pali Momi Medical Center joined Sunrise to talk about how to get fit.

Using a concept called ‘Exercise Prescription', it gives patients concrete instructions on what to do for exercise. It tells them how often to exercise and what exercises to do, instead of just exercising more.

To help plan out a patients exercise program, they follow the FITT principle:

F - stands for frequency, how often you should exercise per week.

I - stands for intensity. There are two types of intensity, moderate and vigorous. Moderate intensity activities consist of things like walking, biking at low speeds or even doing strenuous house work. Vigorous intensity activities can be running, biking at higher speeds or playing things like basketball.

T - stands for time. How much time are you working out?

T - stands for type. What type of exercises do you want to do. Are you interested in cardio-vascular? Strength and resistance training?

The hope of giving this exercise prescription to patients is that it will help them set realistic goals and add variety to their workouts while helping them maintain their exercise program.

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