State adds ‘gateway’ crosswalk system to protect pedestrians on Pali Highway

‘Stop for pedestrian’ signs and plastic posts added to site of deadly crash.

State adds ‘gateway’ crosswalk system to protect pedestrians on Pali Highway

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On Friday morning, the Hawaii Department of Transportation installed yellow stop-for-pedestrian signs and plastic lane delineators across a crosswalk on Pali Highway.

Highways Division deputy director Ed Sniffen said the “gateway” system should get drivers to pay closer attention.

“When people see this they know they should be expecting pedestrians to come through the area,” Sniffen said.

The un-signalized crosswalk is adjacent to Wood Street where 83-year-old Raymond Endow was fatally struck by a driver last week.

Pali pedestrian Darcy Butcher tried out the crosswalk. She thinks the addition of signs and posts will make crossing there safer.

“It’s professional. It’s eye-catching. People are like, hey, what is that? I need to slow down and take notice,” Butcher said.

The system follows the state of Michigan where similar treatments were studied and have shown drivers are more aware of people crossing the street.

"They should know that this is a zone that they should be slowing in. That gives a benchmark, a milestone," Sniffen said.

HDOT will also install the signs and posts at three more un-signalized crosswalks along the Pali Highway.

After Endow’s death, nearby residents called for a crossing signal.

"If there is a longer-term solution, whether it be a signal or a change in infrastructure itself, this is something we could put up now to get the safety sooner," Sniffen said.

It took the state only two hours to install at a cost of $5,000 for materials and labor.

"I think it's a really good idea," Butcher said.

Eventually the state will add “gateway” systems to un-signalized crosswalks on Farrington Highway and Kalanianaole Highway.

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