Local Connection: Hotel Workers Strike

Local Connection: Hotel Workers Strike

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Even though the strike by UNITE Here Local 5 directly impacts only five Hawaii properties, it has a chilling potential to affect the entire visitor industry in our state.

No one wants to be on vacation and face picket lines and reduced service in their hotel. So until this is resolved, potential tourists may see a Hawaii vacation as a gamble even though most hotels are operating normally.

Marriot is being targeted by simultaneous strikes in eight major cities across the country. It’s being called anti-worker. That reputational damage could affect bookings here given how dominant the Marriot brand is here, especially in Waikiki.

But there is some speculation that Hawaii's strike will be the last to settle – which has been the pattern in other UNITE Here disputes when multiple cities were involved.

It's disturbing to think that we could suffer additional damage to our most important industry while waiting for resolutions in other cities, where the pressure may not be so urgent.

We can only hope that both sides resume bargaining in good faith as soon as possible and reach a fair bargain that improves the lives of employees and the success of the company.

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