What’s inside an abandoned truck in Hawaii Kai triggers environmental concerns

Abandoned truck at Hawaii Kai could contain hazardous materials
Abandoned truck at Hawaii Kai could contain hazardous materials
Updated: Oct. 13, 2018 at 4:58 PM HST
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HAWAII KAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - On any given day at Maunalua Bay, you’ll see stand-up paddle boarders, fishers, and boaters enjoying the waterfront. But for the last two days, there’s been an unpleasant addition to the usually pristine views.

For months, residents have been complaining about an abandoned truck in the parking lot that could be filled with hazardous materials.

“I have seen it here for probably about two months and it is kind of an eye sore. You never know what’s in that truck, right?” said resident Kydd Pollock as he loaded his family into their truck after paddle boarding.

"I do wonder who's responsibility it is. Obviously someone took advantage, they knew what they were doing, they dumped the truck there and bailed," added Pollock.

The truck has a number of citations, tickets and notices on the windshield. The rear license plate is still present but the records don’t list an actual owner. The land is managed by the City and County of Honolulu and ultimately, it will be the taxpayers who will foot the bill to remove the truck.

It's not just an eye sore; environmentalists like Carroll Cox are worried about what's inside the truck and the implications it could have for the local ecosystem.

“This becoming airborne, possible asbestos materials. There is paint, tile, plastics, linoleum and there seems to be some oily materials leaking from the truck,” said Cox.

"The kids play in the sand and in the water and if there was any material in this truck, you wouldn't want it washing into the bay," said Pollock.

The City and County of Honolulu's Communication Director Andrew Pereira released a statement on Saturday saying:

"The city will send inspectors to the truck's location on Monday to determine who may be responsible and the best course of action for its prompt removal."

Hawaii News Now will be sure to follow up with the city next week to learn how officials plan to deal with the truck and when residents could see it removed.

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