Local Connection: Debate Over School Funding

Local Connection: Debate Over School Funding

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The debate over the constitutional amendment to fund education with a property tax surcharge is heating up dramatically.

More than a million dollars has been dedicated to the campaigns from both sides. The ads predict dire consequences of a vote either way.

When the rhetoric fires up like this, everyone involved needs to remember the reason the issue is important. Our schools DO need help and our teachers need more support.

While we may disagree that turning to property taxes with this particular amendment is the answer – and we strongly disagree - state government must find ways to direct money to public education, which is key to our future.

We also need to love and support our teachers.

In a series of stories, Hawaii News Now is featuring teachers featuring Hawaii teachers who are finalists in a national grant competition.

It’s called the Thank America’s Teachers, Dream Big Teacher Challenge, sponsored by Farmers' insurance.

The teachers we've featured are inspiring in their professionalism, creativity, dedication and caring.

These teachers are proof that investment in our public schools will not be wasted – regardless of where it comes from.

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