Honey, what’s that in the road? ... A giant crab

A Hawaii Kai couple is left puzzled by their roadway discovery.

Honey, what’s that in the road? ... A giant crab
The couple released the crab back into the water. (Source: Ancheta, Dillon)

HAWAII KAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Hawaii Kai couple’s shopping trip over the weekend took an unexpected turn toward the beach, with a new crustaceous friend.

“My wife Lisa and I had just finished shopping at Costco and we were driving down Keahole towards Kalanianaole Highway and I look out the window and I say to Lisa, 'Oh my gosh, there’s a big giant crab in the road,” Nick Mann told Hawaii News Now.

Yes, a big giant crab in the road. Pinchers flaring and all, he said.

Nick and wife Lisa pulled over to save the crab from getting run over by cars.

He said it put up a fight at first — probably not realizing they were trying to help — until they were able to get it into a reusable shopping bag.

The couple then took the crab to nearby Maunalua Bay where they set it free and it inched its way back into the water.

Nick estimated the crab was about 8 to 10 inches wide.

So why or how did the crab cross the road? The couple has no idea.

They speculate the crab might have been caught and was in someone’s vehicle and that it either managed to escape or fall out.

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