Coffee with a Candidate: Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Marissa Dipasupil Kerns

Coffee with a Candidate: Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Marissa Dipasupil Kerns

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Marissa Dipasupil Kerns is running on the Republican ticket for lieutenant governor.

In the primary election she got about 9,700 votes, beating candidate Steve Lipscolm by less than 200 votes.

Kerns is a Kapolei resident and a naturalized citizen, with two adult children in college. She’s also a small business owner, and previously ran for the state House and Congress.

Here are some things you might not know about Kerns:

  • Kerns was born into a large military family in Manila.
  • Her father died in 1976 when she was 14. She was raised by her mother, and attended school while working multiple jobs to help the struggling family make ends meet.
  • During this time, Kerns saved enough money to put herself through college — the only member of the family to earn a college degree.

Questions for the candidate:

If you are elected what is your top priority?

My top priority is to stop the rail. I want the rail to get audited, It’s just like any other business. You know when you start a project you have got to have a business plan... if the rail was run right, we would not be in this situation right now, ending up almost bankrupted.

Do you think it might be a little challenging to stop the rail completely?

No it’s not. Right now the rail has stopped because we ran out of money. They don’t want to open the books. We can not restart a project that has no money. Number one we have got to audit it. How far can we go? Can we go all the way straight to Waikiki, which is 34 miles, or stop at Ala Moana, or just Middle Street? Because right now we are not even done with Farrignton Hwy in Waipahu. Look at the station across from Don Quijote it’s barely finished.

What are your thoughts as we head into the General (Election)?

I would like the people to vote red. I’m wearing red because we are ready to fight. We need to take back the state. We need to fix the state, because we can not be complacent. We can not trust the people that are in office right now.

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