Business: The key issues in hotel contract talks

Business: The key issues in hotel contract talks

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There are four main issues whenever labor and management negotiate contracts. The most obvious is pay, because that’s issue one in nearly all labor negotiations.

But beyond that a key issue is outsourcing. It’s no good getting a nice raise and then being laid off because the hotel hired an outside contractor to do the work instead. So labor tries to forbid that.

Medical coverage and other benefits are a big deal in the hotel business. Many workers need a second job to make a good living but their Local 5 work is where they get their medical. For management it’s a great recruiting tool but also a soaring cost issue.

Finally, there is working conditions. Hotel housekeepers do difficult work. Some non-union hotels ask workers to clean 16 rooms in eight hours. Union housekeepers are a little better off, but renovations of recent years added heavier bed coverings and more metal fixtures to shine up.

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