With on-campus center, Aiea High teacher wants to steer students to health care careers

She’s a finalist for a $100,000 grant to turn her idea into a reality.

With on-campus center, Aiea High teacher wants to steer students to health care careers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Aiea High School health and science teacher Ryan Chatfield hopes to steer some of her students toward careers in health care.

She wants to create a Health and Science Community Development Center on campus.

“I’m hoping that the center will be a place where there can be clinics and workshops so students can learn problem solving skills and real world applications right here on campus,” she said.

Chatfield hopes to win a $100,000 grant from Farmers Insurance to get her plan off the ground.

She's part way there.

Her proposal was selected as a finalist in Farmers' Thank America’s Teachers, Dream Big Teacher Challenge. Now, she’s trying to get support ― and votes ― for her idea.

Chatfield envisions medical professionals using the campus health center to hold community flu shot clinics, and to do blood pressure checks and diabetes screenings.

Students would serve as office support staff.

"This is a way to start at the high school level, have the students solving healthcare problems in their community, and also provide and prepare students for careers in healthcare," she said.

Aiea High School principal David Tanuvasa said the idea is novel.

"When people walk into our programs they’re going to be able to feel what it’s like to be in the health academy,” he said.

Chatfield already picked out a multi-purpose room on the outskirts of the school for the health center.

“We thought this would be the perfect spot,” she said. “It is handicap accessible. It’s at the edge of our campus so community members could park and come into and use this facility, as well as the students,” she said.

Five teachers with the most votes will each get a $100,000 award from Farmers Insurance.

Farmers received hundreds of proposals from teachers across the United the States.

Her idea is one of fifteen that made the final cut. Three of the finalists are Hawaii teachers.

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