Shirtless man removed from San Francisco-bound flight charged

Authorities say he refused to leave the lavatory before takeoff.

Man forced off Alaska Airlines flight from Oahu to San Francisco

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An aggressive passenger who was forcefully removed from a San Francisco-bound flight at Honolulu’s airport last month has been charged with disorderly conduct and assault on an officer.

Thang Sang, 28, was removed from an Alaska Airlines flight on Sept. 26.

Sang apparently locked himself in the bathroom of the plane for 30 minutes before opening the door and responding to authorities.

Lindsey Babb, a passenger on the plane, started shooting video of the incident when officers began pounding on the bathroom door.

“Then you hear them shout over the speaker, ‘Anyone who is standing get back in our seats, down in your seats, remain in your seat.’ We start to -- at least personally -- I felt panicked,” Babb said.

“You’d think the passenger’s safety would be first priority, not wrestling this man between the seats with hundreds of passengers there to get hurt or kicked or whatever. It was terrifying.”

In the videos, deputy sheriffs are heard repeatedly ordering the man to stop resisting as a struggle ensues.

In a statement, Alaska Airlines said that passenger and crew safety is its first priority.

“The flight crew contacted law enforcement, who removed the passenger," the airline said. "The flight departed about two hours late. We sincerely apologize to our guests for the inconvenience.”

Babb says the passenger was traveling with his father, who said he was trying to get his son to California.

Sources say this isn’t the first time Sang is accused of creating a disturbance on an airplane.

In fact, on Sept. 23 he was arrested after being removed from a United Airlines flight at Honolulu’s airport.

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