Hometown Hero: This ‘super-mom’ is committed to having a positive impact on her community

Hometown Heroes: Kanoe Sampaga

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - She is the founder of a successful youth football organization, full-time worker and mother of six.

Kanoe Sampaga says her goal is to have a positive impact on the children in our community, which is why she founded Hawaii Impact Football Association.

Kids ages 5 through 13 learn 11-on-11 football. The league is comprised of four divisions, two flag football divisions and two weighted tackle divisions.

"Her vision for this league was for the kids,” said Cynthia Rubio-Segovia, who nominated Kanoe. “I've seen her go into her bank account to help with this league."

This year marks the third season. It started off with 16 teams and has since doubled to 32 teams with 562 players.

Kanoe strongly believes sports keep kids out of trouble.

“It helps kids deal with adversity, winning and losing…make sure they have something to do during the day instead of being on the streets or making trouble…doing drugs,” said Kanoe. “You need to learn how to work as a team but at the same time you also need to learn how to be an individual, I think it just helps you all together in life."

Outside of league life, Kanoe works a full-time job and she and her husband raise six children, the youngest is four years old.

"Mothers who have more than four will tell you it gets easier! Once you hit four it gets kind of easier," Kanoe said while laughing.

Two of her six boys, Mystic and Xyan, currently play football for Mililani High School where she also volunteers much her time helping the team moms.

"I mean just to juggle everything it's just a miracle that she does that so that's why I wanted to nominate her," said Rubio-Segovia.

“I’m just a normal mom, that’s it,” said Kanoe. “Just a normal mom who loves sports, I love my kids, I love my sports. And whatever they want, I want to help out with.”

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