Tsunami Center

No tsunami threat to Hawaii after 6.7 earthquake hits Japan

A large earthquake struck the Hokkaido region of Japan, but there's no tsunami threat to Hawaii, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

  City’s message this April: Tsunamis don’t have a season

A tsunami can come at any time. That's the message the city wants to share this month — Tsunami Awareness Month.

Didn’t get a tsunami alert on your phone after the Alaska quake? Here’s why

Wondering why your cellphone didn't buzz when a Tsunami Watch was issued following a large earthquake off Alaska on Monday night?

Tsunami Watch, Advisory and Warning. What’s the difference?

With any major weather event, there are different levels of advisories intended to alert the public about potential threats to safety and impending hazards.  In the case of tsunamis, there are three levels of alerts you should be familiar with. This is what each of them means:  Tsunami Watch Alert color: Yellow A Tsunami Watch is the lowest level alert. A watch is issued to alert emergency management officials and the public that a tsunami may impact the area under the a...

The message after Hawaii’s tsunami scare: Be prepared (because this will happen again)

A Tsunami Watch has been issued for Hawaii following a large earthquake off Alaska.

Structures once intended for tsunami survivors help homeless Hawaii families

Dozens of volunteers did some heavy lifting Saturday to help assemble modular homes at Sand Island for homeless families.

Experts: Trump budget would drastically cut isle tsunami protections

President Trump's proposed budget cuts to tsunami warning systems would put thousands of lives at risk, Hawaii tsunami experts say.

Some confused about boundaries for ‘extreme tsunami’ zones

When a tsunami watch like Thursday's is issued, people living in the inundation zones like Waikiki are expected to pay attention.

70 years on, April Fools' Day tsunami painful reminder of ocean’s destructive force

The first waves hit as the day was just beginning: People were headed to work and to school. And nobody knew it was coming.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center debuts system upgrade

It's an international project that has been seven years in the making.