Climate Change in Hawaii

  Hawaiian humpback whale count to continue despite government shutdown

An annual effort to monitor humpback whale migration numbers in Hawaii will proceed as scheduled despite the shutdown of the federal government.

How to curb Hawaii’s greenhouse gas emissions? Legislators to consider carbon tax for polluters (big and small)

Federal report: Hawaii has even less time to prepare for the devastating effects of climate change

‘Scary’: Expansive UH study concludes threat to humanity from climate change ‘much larger’ than previously thought

Bitcoin may hasten global warming. Here’s how

Hurricane Walaka practically wiped an island off the map

Refreshing trade winds making it feel more like Autumn

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  Study: We’ve been measuring the impacts of sea level rise in Hawaii all wrong

On Oahu’s North Shore, a summer of big swells and disappearing beaches

How hot is it outside? Try a heat index in Kahului in the triple digits

Recovering sea turtle population to face challenges with climate change

Study: Plastic degrading in the oceans could be contributing to global warming

Top lawmaker says rail should avoid Kakaako. The reason? Climate change

Honolulu mayor says Oahu must prepare for 3-foot sea level rise by mid-century

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is directing all city departments to address, minimize the risks from, and adapt to the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

Study: One third of Hawaii’s coasts are moderately or highly vulnerable to rising seas

A study conducted by UH researchers have found that rising sea levels have left Hawaii islands vulnerable to intensified, high-energy wave environments.

Hawaii expected to see higher than normal tides this week

Starting Wednesday, Hawaii will see higher than normal tides, which could lead to minor coastal flooding.

Hawaii sets ambitious goal: Carbon neutral by 2045

Governor David Ige signed three bills Monday in an effort to reduce carbon emissions, one of which set a goal of making Hawaii a zero-emissions clean economy by 2045.

  As state prepares for hurricane season, past flood disasters offer glimpse of warmer future

Gaping sinkhole growing with each wave makes for dangerous situation in Haleiwa

The water is rising. Is Hawaii’s largest public works project ready?

Amid worsening erosion, homeowners scramble to prep for big swell

Winter waves are eating away at Maui shorelines and putting oceanfront condos in danger

2018 to begin with rare New Year’s king tide

  Maui community scrambles to save a cemetery washing away

The growing threat of coastal erosion is taking a toll on dozens of properties on Maui, including a cemetery at an historic site.

2017 in review: How king tides became Hawaii’s climate change wake-up call

As we near the end of 2017, Hawaii News Now is taking a look back at the biggest stories that emerged over the course of a turbulent year for Hawaii.

Authorities seek fixes to unprecedented erosion at Sunset Beach

Experts say the severe erosion taking place at Sunset Beach is reaching unprecedented levels, leaving city and state officials hustling to find both short term and long term solutions to address the rising sea levels.

Hawaii study: Impacts of sea level rise already being felt — and it will only get worse

A new report is providing the first statewide assessment of the potential hazards and costly impacts to Hawaii's economy and shorelines with rising sea levels.

Erosion on Maui threatens temple, washes away gravestones

Rapidly increasing erosion on the Maui shoreline is threatening a cemetery temple building and has swept away close to one hundred gravestones.

‘Sand mattress’ central to new effort to save Waikiki beach

On Sunday, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell joined other environmental experts to announce a new effort aimed at addressing chronic erosion at Hawaii's most famous beach.

  Rising tides are eating away at private property along North Shore

Under what is known as Hawaii common law, a shoreline extends to what's called the high-water mark, that's where the wave washes up during high tide.

‘A mess’: Beachgoers, businesses seek solutions to Waikiki’s disappearing shoreline

Erosion along Waikiki is a perennial problem with no easy solution. But the community isn't giving up, even as the situation is getting worse.

Why were there so many rounds of king tides this summer? Blame ‘the blob’

Over the summer, several rounds of record-breaking high tides swallowed up stretches of Hawaii beaches and put flood-prone areas like Mapunapuna virtually under water.

‘Wicked, giant problem’: Is Hawaii ready for effects of climate change?

The same weekend large surf from Tropical Storm Fernanda swept across east shores, Hawaii also saw, for the third time this summer, another round of "king tides" that sent water washing up ashore, coming dangerously close to homes and making some roads virtually impassable.