Couple scales Great Pyramid of Giza

Under Egyptian law, it’s illegal to climb pyramids.

Trump confirms John Kelly leaving White House at end of year

Pres. Donald Trump said Kelly is on the way out.

Mandarin duck becomes social media star

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Government seeks prison time for Cohen; Mueller less harsh

The U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York recommended "substantial" prison time for Michael Cohen on Friday.

Big cow in California stands 6-4, weighs 3,000 pounds

According to his owner, Cowboy is one of the largest steers in the world.

Charlottesville victim 'ecstatic' after guilty verdict

Al Bowie, who was hurt when James Fields ran down a crowd with a car last year, said "this is the best I've been in a year and a half."

Comey on hearing: 'We're talking again about Hillary Clinton's emails for heaven's sakes'

Former FBI Director James Comey was on Capitol Hill on Friday for a closed-door House hearing.

James Fields Jr. guilty on all counts

'Buddy the Elf' and picks pillow fights

Some are all-in for the surprise pillow fights, while others take a little coaxing.

James Fields Jr. found guilty of murder

Heavy rains bring flooding to San Diego area

Some residents said the saw flash flooding in the streets was like nothing they had ever seen before.

Man surfs on flooded roadway in San Diego County

Fierce weather in the usually pleasant area brought flash floods on Thursday.

Top 10 Most Addicting Foods

Get in my belly!

Walgreens to link up with FedEx on next-day drug delivery

Walgreens vs. Amazon? Who will win the drug-delivery market?

Video: Former FBI Director James Comey arrives on Capitol Hill for closed door interview

James Comey arrives on Capitol Hill for his closed door interview with the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees.

Kevin Hart quits Oscars

Tyler Perry plays "Secret Santa"

"God bless you. Go get your stuff. Merry Christmas!" Love, Tyler Perry

Rappers Kendrick Lamar, Drake lead Grammy Award nominations

Trump: Barr to be attorney general

President Donald Trump described William Barr as a "highly respected" attorney.

Watch the trailer for 'Avengers: Endgame'

What is brain-eating amoeba?

For the amoeba to enter your body, it has to enter your body through the nose. You cannot be contaminated by drinking water.

4 St. Louis officers plead not guilty to allegedly beating undercover officer

Prosecutors say the victim was working undercover when the officers beat him, thinking he was a protester.

Woman got fatal brain-eating amoeba infection from Neti pot, doctors said

The woman had been suffering seizures when doctors discovered a tumor in her brain.

Trump names 2 posts, Kelly expected to resign

Kevin Hart says he won’t apologize, quits Oscars

President George HW Bush laid to rest in Texas

A final funeral service was held for the 41st president on Thursday before a private burial at his family plot.

Flyover performed in George HW Bush's honor

The 41st president was to be laid to rest on Thursday at his family plot on the grounds of his presidential library.