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A number of local makeup artists making it through tough economy

Beverly Kaneshige Beverly Kaneshige
Stefanie Reeves Stefanie Reeves

By Caroline Julian

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The slowing economy is causing couples tying the knot to tighten their budget.

And it's causing concern for some businesses in the wedding industry.

But still, there are some vendors who are still thriving.

Beverly Kaneshige has been making brides beautiful for the past 20 years.

"I really treat that bride as a client like she was a personal friend or relative," said Kaneshige, a makeup artist.

A number of local makeup artists like Kaneshige is doing well, despite the what's happening in the economy.

A veteran of the industry, Kaneshige has worked through a recession before.

"This job is recession proof i know it for a fact after the last recession," she said.

And despite destination weddings being down, Kaneshige says she hasn't felt its impact.

She works with both locals and visitors.

A survey by the Wedding Cafe -- a one-stop resource for couples planning their big day-- found that brides would not compromise on services such as hair and makeup, food and photography.

"I wanted to make sure i look like really really pretty for my wedding," said Stephanie Reeves, a bride from Germany.

She has dreamed of her special day since she was a little girl.

"I just wanna make sure it's perfect from the first moment onward," she said.

And, spending from anywhere from 100 to 200 hundred dollars for a make-up artist was not a question for her.

"I wanted to look beautiful for the day and have beautiful pictures and look back 20-30 years and remember how great it was," she said.

As long as couples continue to say "i do", makeup artists say their business will continue to flourish in these tough economic times.

Experts say brides are willing to compromise on their budget when it comes to the size of their bridal party, the number of guests and favors.

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