Naps and Phones

Soon, you might not be able to nap or sleep in a local park, but you will still be able to nap in your car, except when driving, of course.  And soon, you might not be able to talk or text on your cell phone in the car, but you will still be able to talk or text on your cell phone all day long in the park.  Broad ordinances outlawing napping or sleeping in parks and banning any type of phone usage might not really solve the larger problems here, though these are serious issues that need to be addressed.

The homeless situation gets tougher to solve when some people choose not to opt for shelters even when they are available.  No doubt, we still need more options for the homeless and those out on their luck beyond some of the recent efforts already made by government and religious entities.  This problem and social concern will not simply disappear into the night, and a weak economy might forebode a larger issue here in the near future.

As for a complete cell phone ban while driving, okay, but what about eating while driving, or applying make-up, or changing CDs, or manipulating the radio dial?  Lots of things go on inside cars right now that distract, but can you imagine the social outcry when people get into their car and can't answer the cell phone when it rings? For some, cell phones are merely an extra appendage on their bodies!  Amazingly, we all managed to survive and communicate effectively for years up until recently without cell phones attached to our ears. My bet is, we can all use a little silence now and then.  Think about it...