Fee, Please

Become self-sufficient, UH Athletics Department!  Oh, by the way, you get no parking revenue in the lower campus parking lot for all of your events, you get no concessions revenue or parking revenue at Aloha Stadium, you get minimal licensing royalties and no merchandising revenue from clothing sales on campus, and while the University is raising tuition, the Athletics Department does not get tuition waivers, which some other schools' athletic departments do get.  And, UH is the only school in the WAC that doesn't impose a student athletic fee.

Well the time has come. Yes, the student senate has said, "no thank you" again to the thought of imposing an annual athletics fee, but that's no shock.  No one chooses to see taxes raised, rent raised, food prices raised, but sometimes it happens.  Ask any student or parent if they would like to see tuition raised; as a matter of fact, most would probably vote to pay no tuition at all. But if we are to keep up with at least the other schools in the WAC, and faced with the realities of tough economic times for fans and sponsors alike, now seems like a really good time to charge full-time UH students $100 a year or so.  That $2 per week per student would add over $2-million to the athletic department coffers annually, while at the same time provide students with some free tickets if they want.

It's never a good time to raise prices or increase fees, but this is one area that should be addressed now for the department's sake, and for the sake of the student-athletes who provide so much for the University.  It's all part of the price to remain competitive and to help provide a more complete student experience, because athletes, just like laboratory lovers and library denizens, are part of the essence of a university.  Think about it...