Clark Little's photography to be showcased in White House

Clark Little
Clark Little

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - A surfer on Oahu's North Shore is drawing international attention for his brilliant photography - so much attention, one of his pictures will soon hang in the White House so President Obama can enjoy a little bit of paradise in Washington, D.C.

It's a daring shot taken from the inside out.

"I'm underwater, and I'm behind the barrel shooting out," said Clark Little as he showed which picture of his will head to the White House.

Of all the images of creativity that have poured through his lens, Little chose one for President Obama to hang in the Oval Office.

"I thought that Obama would be super stoked about it because he body surfs sandy beach and I thought it would fit well," he said.

Even King Kamehameha appears impressed with Clark's craft.

"If you look, there's a cape, there's a spear and a helmet. And it's pretty trippy, I didn't notice it in the beginning, but somebody pointed it out to me and I said 'What? Oh yeah!'" Little said.

With every point and click, Little has mastered the art of capturing the power and mystery of the North Shore. Prestigious magazines all over the globe have featured his vibrant, crystal clear photos. And it all started with a simple request from his wife, Sandy.

"My wife wanted a picture for the house, so what I did was a got a little rinky dink camera, bought a little housing for it and went out and took a few pictures," said Little.

Proud of how the pictures came out, Little was hit it with a wave of enthusiasm, so he forked out $4,000 for underwater camera gear. He doesn't have a traditional photography background. He uses only his 30 years of surf experience.

"Knowing where the surf is going to break, where the backwash is going to hit," said Little.

Two years later, Little has developed an eye that has earned him exposure on national TV, and now, a place in the nation's capitol.

"I'm living a dream. I love the ocean and there's no place I would rather be," he said.

Just a couple weeks ago, Little was featured on the Today show. On Tuesday, he will be a guest on KHNL News 8 Today. He'll explain how surf rats helped boost his photos to fame.