Real estate investors strategize in down economy

Gail Slawson
Gail Slawson
Paul Xavier
Paul Xavier

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email 

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Real estate investors from around the country converge in Waikiki, looking for creative ways to get people into the housing market.

Foreclosures and falling home prices have many staying away from the housing market.

But some real estate investors are flourishing despite the down economy.

Gail Slawson has invested in real estate for five years. She's seen the ups and downs of the market. These days may be the best for her and others in her shoes.

"From my perspective, we're at the bottom or very near it, and now is the perfect opportunity to buy real estate," she said.

This real estate investors convention is filled with eager minds, ready to learn about new strategies to help them invest.

"One thing i've learned already is the government actually has grants and low cost loans to help investors," Slawson said.

Even though money is tight right now, these investors feel a big payoff may be in the near future with the right investment.

"We're excited about the market, we know it's going to bounce back, it always does come back and now real estate's on sale, when stuff's on sale, you buy it, if something's three for one, you buy it, right now, real estate is three for one," Hawaii Real Estate Investors president Paul Xavier said.

But they know this opportunity doesn't come without a cost.

"The biggest thing is to realize that it can be done, I think that's the biggest problem with most people, they see people in real estate and they want to get involved, some get into it without education and the stumble along the way," Xavier said.

Despite the risk, they still feel the need to seize an opportunity that may not last.

"From an investors perspective, there's probably no better time to be in real estate, we realize that there are a lot of homeowners struggling and some of the strategies we use can help people," Xavier said.

These strategies include sharing their vast knowledge in the housing market with homeowners.

This is the second year they're holding this convention. The investors we spoke to say networking may be the best thing they get out of it.