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Royal Hawaiian completes 60 million dollar renovation

Spencer Nilsen Spencer Nilsen
Barb Ellis Barb Ellis

By Roger Mari - bio | email 

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Hawaii hotels are seeing fewer guests, but that didn't stop one of Oahu's most famous hotels from spending tens of millions in renovations.

Visitor numbers are on the decline in Waikiki but confidence is on the rise at the Royal Hawaiian following a 60 million dollar renovation.

"I am an eternal optimist. This resort has been so significant in our Waikiki landscape that I'm seeing great success for our future," said Royal Hawaiian general manager Kelly Hoen.

While Waikiki hotels struggle through these tough economic times some visitors see the upgrade at the Royal Hawaiian as a strategic move in boosting occupancy rates.

"The economy is going to turn around, there's no doubt about it, then they'll be that much farther ahead than the other hotels that have to renovate," said visitor Spencer Nilsen.

Other resorts are also trying to make a splash with visitors. The Grand Waikikian boasts a new 5000 square foot family activity center.

"I think as far as a competitive environment, you have to invest in your own business because if you don't your certainly going to fall short," said Nilsen.

But the Royal Hawaiian is more than just a beautiful hotel. It's become a big part of island culture.

"It's the hotel you always go through and you always have lunch at one of the restaurants, it's just part of being in Hawaii," said visitor Barb Ellis.

Only time will tell if these renovations will ultimately turn in to revenue.

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