Healthy employees help a company's bottom line

Margaret Malone, PACT Safety Officer
Margaret Malone, PACT Safety Officer

KALIHI (KHNL) - A fitness expo on Friday in Kalihi sold more than a healthy lifestyle. It may be a new trend for corporations trying to save money. This is the first year that PACT - or Parents and Children Together - put on this health expo for its hundreds of employees.

Over a dozen vendors came out to educate people about a range of topics from proper dental care, to fitness trainers, to health clubs like the YMCA, and even the importance of relaxing with a nice massage! Keeping employees healthy also helps save the company money.

Margaret Malone, PACT Safety Officer, explained, "Employee health impacts their ability to come to work. If we have a lot of sick calls we have to have replacements for that. Obviously we want a small amount of sick days."

PACT is a community organization that helps keep families healthy. It plans to do this again next year as a low cost way to help their staff stay fit.