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T-Shirt business remains recession proof

Thomas Wong Thomas Wong
Linda Day Linda Day

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email 

KALIHI (KHNL) - In these tough times, there are some businesses who haven't felt the effects of the economy. They're often known as recession-proof businesses.

Healthcare, education, energy, environmental and security are the types of businesses that fall into this category.

All of these are either rapidly growing occupations or needed in any economic condition.

Another one that stands the test of the recession are stores that sell for cheap, whatever it may be.

It's not only that they sell cheap items, it's the type of merchandise they sell. It's one of the few things people need when times are good or bad.

These are literally the signs of the times. Those same signs are keeping businesses like the T-shirt Shop in Kalihi from folding.

"We are lucky, everybody is suffering, but because of the low price, people keep coming back," Owner Thomas Wong said.

Wong sells 'em cheap, real cheap for years now.

"I hope we'll be ok, we'll get through this downturn and we'll manage to survive," he said.

"Clothing is like food, you have to have it, can't walk around naked, so when times get tough, it's really what shoppers, all consumers appreciate, being able to find a good value," Kaimuki resident Linda Day said.

And value was exactly what linda day was searching for on Sunday.

The T-shirt Shop brings in most of their clothing from outside vendors, but they also make their own shirts, just like these.

"I think like many of us, when again times get tough, you have to make some choices and so maybe you won't be dining at John Dominis as much and the same way you won't be shopping at Macy's as much, but this is the kind of place that gets people through the hard times," Day said.

For day and many others, the hard times become easier to deal with as businesses like the T-shirt Shop leave more money in your wallet.

Another way the T-shirt Shop manages to stay recession-proof is to remain open seven days a week.

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