Parents take precautions at all ages concerts

Ridgely Ducas and Hannah
Ridgely Ducas and Hannah
Paula Ducas
Paula Ducas
Rachel Schambrella
Rachel Schambrella

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - On any given weekend night, do you know where your kids are?

They might be at the movies or making their way to a friends house. But, how comfortable would you be if they went to an all ages concert?

Where are you going? Who with? When will you be back? Questions common for any parent to ask their kids on a Friday or Saturday night, but some say instead of waiting at home, they'd rather go with.

This is the night Ridgely and Hannah are waiting for. An "All American Rejects" concert at Pipeline Café. But for these 12 and 11 year old fans, there's no admission without an adult. Parents set the ground rules.

"They need to stay with me and they need to stay together, no going off by themselves," said Parent Paula Ducas.

It's a matter of their protection.

"Alcohol being snuck in, with girls, guys looking or trolling," said Paula Ducas.

Rachel Schambrella agrees, she's sees it all at concerts.

"Lots of mosh pits, people getting thrown up in the air over the railing it's pretty scary," said Honolulu resident Rachel Schambrella.

But are these young girls worried?

"Kind of, a little bit.There are a lot of people here and they're all strangers," they said.

Along with the crazy "do's" there's potential danger. Just this week, a concert at Pipeline was shut down after a "mosh pit" incident sent a man to the hospital. T

The young girls say they don't mind having mom at the event, they're just happy to be here.

"My mom was nice enough to let me go and so I had to let her go with me," said Ridgely Ducas.

So rock out young rockers and fear not, your mom has just become a fan of your favorite band.