Does It Work? The Peticure

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Giving yourself a pedicure might be an easy task for you. But, what about giving one to your furry four legged pal?

We check out a gadget that may help you with the tedious chore in this latest edition of, Does it Work?

We traveled to Manoa Grooming, to see if a Peticure product actually works. Malia Black is a groomer at Manoa Grooming. She uses a similar product to the Peticure. When we introduce her to it, she finds a few advantages from the start.

The plastic guard keeps your pet safe and it also prevents a big mess. A similar, cheaper product is available out there. It's about half the price, but some pet owners and groomers say it isn't as effective as the Peticure.

Malia's dog Mako sure likes it. This Peticure product is for smaller dogs. There are ones available for bigger dogs as well. It's priced from thirty to sixty dollars and is available only online. Plus, you don't need to be close to an outlet to use the Peticure. It comes with a re-chargeable plug, giving you more opportunities both near and far to give your furry friend the Peticure it deserves.

So does the Peticure product actually work? According to our groomer, it does, it's safer and cleaner, it keeps the pet hair from getting caught up in it and it also keeps the nail dust in it as well.

Although we tested the Peticure on a small dog, other groomers tell us it also works on cats and birds.

If you want to learn more about this product, click on the link on this page.