Business Blues

While many local business people are seeing travel costs cut and annual mainland trips reduced to teleconferences, the same issue is hitting Hawaii big time, as cancellations at hotels and the Convention Center add to the already flagging tourism numbers.  And if there was ever a moment in time when conventioneers or business organizations do not want to be seen as spending in excess, which some believe would include that trip to Hawaii, now is certainly that time.

Of course, when people don't travel, it might save money on one end, but of course it hurts the economy on the other end, and Hawaii, like Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, and other domestic travel hubs, is suffering as businesses as well as consumers hunker down. Meeting and event travel is worth more than $100-billion a year in spending, according to U.S. Travel Association President, Roger Dow.

What does all of this mean to you?  Well, perhaps that spring or summer break could be spent with a nice kama'aina vacation right at home, even on-island. Business realities dictate that it is not only a great time to buy a new car right now, but there are some awfully good local travel options, if your situation allows for it. You've probably earned it.  Think about it...