Waikiki resorts hope bigger pools lead to more visitors

Grant Nouchi
Grant Nouchi
Steve White
Steve White
Edward Irvine
Edward Irvine

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - We're surrounded by water, but that isn't stopping Waikiki resorts from building bigger and better swimming pools.

Just a few months ago, the sheraton unveiled an $8-million pool and now the Grand Waikikian at Hilton Hawaiian Village joins them with its paradise pool.

Both hope this will lead to a big splash in the number of visitors staying at their resort.

The brand new "Paradise Pool" is a 5,000 square foot family activity center that's the crown jewel of the Grand Waikikian.

Resort managers say their goal is to give families a better experience while at the pool.

"We needed to couple it with something that had something that brought enough substance to your average pool," Resort manager Grant Nouchi said.

And it's not your average pool.

"It's basically designed for a family atmosphere to bring kids down and have fun and enjoy," Project manager Edward Irvine said.

Among the many attractions, it has the longest slide in Waikiki, a 77-foot lava tube slide, three waterfalls and two heated spas.

"I think that resorts should move in that direction to accommodate the families, especially with the little ones that look for fun things to do at the pool, look for waterfalls, water slides and different things to make them happy," Visitor Steve White said.

Visitors may have already seen lavish pools on the neighbor islands. Now, both Sheraton and Grand Waikikian managers hope to bring that same type of experience here in the state's top tourist destination.

"The money and all that is well spent and everyone has been enjoying themselves at this pool," Nouchi said.