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March 2, 2009

When Size Matters

The time has come to reconfigure the Division I and Division II high school designations for state tournaments.  This is one time where size really does matter.  Schools, public or private, with student bodies three or four times as large as some other teams entered in state tourneys should not be playing in Division II.  Coaches and administrators should come to their senses and play fair on this one. A two-size fits all rule should apply.

Whether or not schools can compete for a title on a year-in, year-out basis against like-sized schools should not be determined by the presumed quality of a school's teams each year, but rather should be based solely on a school's size.  And if a smaller school opts to play in Division I, good, that should be allowed to happen. You can play up, but you can't play down.  Right now, there are actually teams whose players, parents, and/or coaches would rather play up, but someone at a higher decision-making level has decided that D-II is for them.  Reasons range from financial woes to lack of community involvement to lack of players interested in that given sport.  But the numbers still don't add up to letting the big schools play in Division II.

The Division I and Division II set up is a great idea that should have been in place a long time ago here.  The HHSAA has done a great job in establishing this two-tiered model.  But let's not see this well-intentioned concept lose its luster and value in various sports.  If you have an enrollment of over 750 or 800, you play D-I; that's it; good luck.  Think about it...

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