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Students owe money back from over payments

Dan Carbone Dan Carbone
Jodie Kuba Jodie Kuba

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Already strapped for cash, some UH-Manoa students are being asked to pay back a portion of their financial aid.

The financial aid office has overpaid some students. Now those students are being asked to pay back the entire difference back within 30 days.

But in most cases that money is already spent, and that's causing friction between the students and the university.

It's estimated that less than a thousand students were overpaid last year. Dan Carbone is one of them. He got this letter a few days ago, telling him to pay back $3,000 in aid.

"Super-frustrating," the grad student said. "It makes the whole university experience not worth it."

The university recently brought in Jodie Kuba to fix this problem.

"We're going to try and do things before the money gets to the students, it might slow down the process a little bit, but we hope to have it streamlined to minimize this situation," she said.

UH officials say the discrepancy shows up when students fail to inform them about outside scholarships they get on top of the financial aid awarded to them.

"Costing more to get to school, so for them to find out later on that they owe money is just not a good situation," Kuba said.

The problem prevents students from registering for the next semester and in Carbone's case, his diploma and transcripts are being held up, until he pays up.

"I actually have heard about this before and talked to the financial aid advisors before I received the check and they told me everything was cool," he said.

With both sides strapped for cash, and both sides placing blame on the other, the only matter that is agreed upon is that the financial aid system in place is failing.

There is a way for students to check their financial aid status 24/7 through an online account. Just log on to the website link found on this page.

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