An Oahu family begins to heal after heartbreak

Bryan Yamashita
Bryan Yamashita

By Paul Drewes bio | email

EWA (KHNL) - Many have seen the video of the crime scene where Asa Yamashita was murdered on Oahu.

But what people rarely get to see, is how families start to put together their lives after the unthinkable happens.

Asa's husband, Bryan talked to KHNL about how the family is getting through this difficult time while still holding on to an important part of their past.

"Katie, play nice with your sister now," said Bryan, as he watched his young girls ride their bikes outside their home.

For seven year old Katie and her younger sister Tori, riding is a chance to burn off a little of that energy young kids always seem to have. But its also a chance to return to some normalcy after their lives have been turned upside down.

"The girls are taking it pretty good, so I am happy about that," said their father.

Bryan not only had to deal with the death of his wife of 16 years, he also had the difficult task of telling his young daughter that her mother was dead.

"She saw my face, I was very distraught, I could not hide it. She said 'what's wrong?' I said something really bad happened. She says 'Why, did mommy die?' and I shook my head and said yeah, mommy died"

The Yamashitas have gotten through this terrible tragedy because of their strong faith, and also support from the community and those close to them.

"As bad as it is, I feel the love I feel the support from my extended family and strangers too, I just want to say thanks," said Bryan.

There is still plenty of grief but what hasn't consumed this family is anger over the attack.

"I don't see the point of being angry, being angry isn't going to help me or my daughters"

And helping his daughters through this difficult time is helping Bryan deal with the death of Asa as well.

Already there is healing and hope.

"I have hope because the girls know their mom and we're going to keep those memories alive. And they will live for her and my wife lives in them," said Yamashita.

One of the other things that has helped Bryan through this ordeal is the kindness of everyone involved, from the medical personnel to the police officers - even though they had to give him the heartbreaking news of his wife's death.