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One school, eight sets of twins

Eight sets of twins Eight sets of twins
Emma and Clair Laa Emma and Clair Laa
Sister Joan of Arc Souza Sister Joan of Arc Souza
Taylor and Conner Damaschi Taylor and Conner Damaschi
Lindsey and Lauren Lau Lindsey and Lauren Lau

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a twin? We get those answers and more from not one, not two, but eight sets of twins at St. Francis school.

"Huh? No I'm not a twin she's my clone.," the Laa sisters say. They are members the most exclusive club at school. From two years old to seventeen, enrolled here are 8 sets of twins.

"I knew we had several at the 9th grade level and when I asked the secretary to check and see how many sets of twins I was surprised that we had 8," the school's principal, Sister Joan of Arc Souza said.

The twins say their classmates all react the same way. "They are shocked because we look nothing alike," the Damaschi brothers say.

All 8 sets are fraternal and not identical twins. "They don't think that were twins usually when we tell them," Taylor Damaschi says, "why am I bigger than him, I'm still younger."

Conner and Taylor have some obvious differences but some of the twins look a lot alike. "I can't tell them apart but they are fraternal," Sister Joan of Arc Souza said.

She says a school discount for siblings could be the reason for the twin invasion here. "We always want to wear the same things so we'll fight over clothes sometimes a lot most of the time," Emma and Claire Laa said.

"We share clothes, we share a lot of things," one set of twins says, "we actually like the same, everything."

The Fabro sisters say being a twin helps them in Irish dancing. "We've gotten closer to each other our friendship has gotten closer," Delia-Anne Fabro said.

All the students say life as a twin is never lonely. "It's good if you ever need help on anything or she is always there for whenever you are down or anything," Lindsey and Lauren Mau say, "you are never lonely you always have someone there."

And here they aren't alone at school either. On top of the 8 sets of twins, St. Francis School also has three more sets applying for next year.

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