Crash victim's family speaks

Lyn Jones-Cardenas
Lyn Jones-Cardenas
John Cardenas
John Cardenas

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

KANEOHE (KHNL)- Keone Cardenas had a passion for music and all people around him. As news of his loss spreads, the shock is still settling in for his family.

They say there was always something special about him. But after a fatal crash, they're learning now more than ever how much their son positively impacted the lives of other people.

A comforting embrace for a life that can never be replaced. Lyn Jones-Cardenas copes with the harsh reality of her young son's death at their kaneohe home.

"It's numb right now. The grief goes in waves and your mind is spinning," said Keone's mother Lyn Jones-Cardenas.

Family pictures tell Keone's story. His warm smile, his love for his four sisters, his guitar that he loved to strum, but now sits silent. Lyn was always close to her son.

"He was my baby, 25-years-old, he was still my baby," said Jones-Cardenas.

She saw him Wednesday night, never expecting it to be the last time.

"The only thing that I'm regretting now is that I didn't hug him when he left. He was excited about what he was going to do and going out with his friends," said Jones-Cardenas.

He wanted to one day be a chef and follow in his grandfather's footsteps and he was a good cook just like his dad.

"Everybody liked him, real mellow, happy go lucky, enjoyed his life," said Keone's father John Cardenas.

From Keone's first words to his final breaths, his protectors, his parents were proud of their son. they want to say,

"That I love him and he will be missed," said Jones-Cardenas.

"He's in a better place now, he's in a better place now," said John Cardenas.

The Cardenas family say their son's friends have been stopping by all day to offer their condolences. Instead of a sad and somber funeral, they plan to honor their son by making it a celebration of his life, because that's what Keone would have wanted.