Piecing together the accident

Cal Uhlig
Cal Uhlig

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

LIKELIKE HIGHWAY (KHNL) - At an alleged 100 miles per hour down the Likelike Highway, the magnitude of the crash was severe.

A private investigator at the scene pieced together the accident.

It's like a small plane taking off on the Likelike Highway - that's how fast this car was going before crashing, according to private investigator Cal Uhlig, a retired FBI agent of 25 years.

"The mark on the railing on the concrete here appears that they missed the last half of the S curve, hit the side, and basically at that rate of speed, it's like an airplane without wings," said Uhlig.

Police say one woman, who's identity has not been released yet, plus two men, James Krzywonski of Waialua and Keone Cardenas of Kahuluu, died in the crash. Analyzing the scene, and the picture of the car, Uhlig says it turned into a ball of mangled metal, the same way aluminum foil crumples.

"When you crumple up a piece of aluminum foil and it can be pretty big like what you put over your Thanksgiving turkey or whatever, you crumple like this, okay. One, two, three, so you got at least three crumples," said Uhlig.

That's based on marks on the guardrail, the brush, and the stone wall.

"And you know what, it might've hit over here too. I would think so," said Uhlig.

Airbags or no airbags, with police estimating the car speed at 100 miles per hour, Uhlig says there's no way anyone could've survived.

Uhlig is with Uhlig Investigations, a private eye company in Kaneohe. He's worked on traffic collisions, as well as background support for other investigators.