Hawaii Health Hope Hype

We have long been a society of pill poppers, and I mean that in a good way.  People swallowing large volumes of vitamins and supplements with the hope and promise that such gulping would stave off this ailment or promote that healthy consequence.  Well, hang on a minute.  The latest and greatest study suggests that popping vitamins and such just might not be making a difference at all; eating right and exercising- that might just be the trick- nothing more, nothing less.  A landmark decision; but certainly check with your doctor.

And since the rivers are running out of salmon, peanuts are tainted, and you better be real careful washing those fruits and veggies, we are once again back to the holy trinity of quality food.  Walnuts, broccoli, and blueberries- that's it, everything else is subject to recall, tainted-ness, or simply not that healthy.  Now while I am stretching things (yes, I kid), a recent national study suggests that Hawai is the 2 nd healthiest state in the country.  While controllable troubles remain, like childhood obesity and adult-onset diabetes, our clean air, relatively low rates of cancer and heart disease, and decreases in cigarette smoking make us a health haven relative to other states.

So eat your fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts, avoid vitamin E and too much Vitamin C (at least this week, until they change their minds again), and OK, for mental health if nothing else, squeeze in an occasional Ho Ho or spam musubi.  Think about it...