Light Up The Light

The lights are still out on the Pali Highway as you enter into the Kailua-bound tunnel and out of the tunnel on the town side.  This is not that unusual, as there must be really special transformers on order, transported by llamas and then shipped via small sailboats.  How else to explain the long delays between lights out and lights on above the Pali and other roads- perhaps around where you live?  It's happened before, and I'm sure it will happen again.  Meantime, let's hope nothing goes wrong on the road up in our version of the Andes Mountains.

And speaking of lights, the state high school soccer championships- boys and girls- were recently held on consecutive weekends at the Waipio Soccer Peninsula's main stadium.  A glorious field, and thousands in attendance, but once again, just like we see too often during the UH wahine soccer season, the scoreboard lights were abysmal or were simply not working right.  Tough to fathom how there could be 29-minutes and 82-seconds left in a half, but that's what it looked like at one point.  Maybe we can get this situation fixed once and for all, along with the necessary press box roof repairs to allow for proper camera placements and better video angles.  Maybe.

Actually, if enough people call in and complain about these and other nagging "broke" issues that government can respond to- some of which impact safety- action normally gets taken in a shorter period of time than if we just sit back, shake our heads, and say "whatever, same old, same old".  Think about it...