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Cold weather has Honolulu bundling up

Simone Cole Simone Cole
Natalie Jones Natalie Jones
Andrew Humes Andrew Humes
Sue Fields Sue Fields

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL)- As the temperature drops, the jackets, gloves and hats come out. We're talking about some of the coldest weather Hawaii has had all year and it's happening right now.

You won't see blustery blizzards or temperature drops as dramatic as the rest of the country. But in Hawaii, paradise isn't always be perfect for everyone.

"I'm keeping my chest warm with a scarf," said Honolulu resident Simone Cole.

Simone cole's not attacking the arctic freeze or terrible tundra. Not a single shovel of midwest snow.

"I'm wearing tennis shoes and my super fuzzy double warm socks," said Cole.

She's hurting from the lack of Hawaii heat.

"Some people are wearing slippers with a long sleeved shirt or scarf with shorts, I just have to wear the whole thing," said Cole.

"When I first moved out here I saw people in hoodies and I was like what are they doing? But now that I live out here I can justify it," said Honolulu resident Natalie Jones.

"This is not cold, I have been in Michigan. We had a week where it didn't hit 10-degrees," said Michigan visitor Andrew Humes.

Sue Fields says a low in the 50's? That's nothing.

"It's not cold here. Be in Iowa, it's 27 degrees there," said Iowa visitor Sue Fields.

Let's catch up with Simone Cole. She sort of sticks out.

"I don't know if he has thicker skin than I do," said Cole.

Cool and comfortable or bundling up big time, don't worry it's only months away from hot Hawaiian heat.

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