Homeless couple gets a home

Mary Jane Ponce
Mary Jane Ponce
Frank Smith
Frank Smith

By Zahid Arab bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL)- For nearly 15,000 of Hawaii's homeless, sleeping in tents, parks, on beaches, and boat harbors is reality. They wait long on state assistance lists until one day their dream finally comes true.

Nearly three and a half years of waiting, Mary Jane Ponce's heartbreak of homelessness is healed.

"Mokuleia Beach park then went to the Harbor, now we're in our home, come in," said Waialua Resident Mary Jane Ponce.

This low income apartment seems majestic.

"This is our bedroom," said Ponce.

A big bed instead of a cramped bus. Amenities.

"You can go to the bathroom, take a shower if you want, you can enjoy it," said Ponce.

Once preparing meals from the trunk of a car, now a nice kitchen and they couldn't be more thankful. We spent the night with them back in November, seeing firsthand their struggles of life on the street.

Frank Smith's 30 morning medications and shots are now a lot more manageable.

he has a fridge to keep prescriptions cold and power for his sleep apnea machine.

The Waialua resident said it's "A place to be relaxed, I think everything combined will make it a lot easier."

Once our story aired, the community stepped up to help. Aid from up above kept them positive.

"It was a long time we had to wait, but we had the faith and prayer and we got our place," said Ponce.

Many Native Hawaiians still remain without homes, but at least two less is success.

The couple said they gave away their bus to another family, and still meet homeless friends at the Haleiwa Boat Harbor for dinner a few times a week.

They plan to have a house warming lunch to thank everyone who made their dream of having a home, become reality.