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Anti-lead law leaves popular mini-bikes sitting idle

Bill Kato Bill Kato

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - At island motorcycle shops, you can find hundreds of new toys in any price range, style and color.

But what you won't find, at least not right now, is one product line that remains popular.

"Any motorcycle or ATV that is made for a child 12 years or younger were not able to sell at the present time because of the lead content" said South Sea Cycle Exchange sales manager Bill Kato.

Effective last Monday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission required retailers to follow stricter guidelines for children's product containing lead.

That means most of the mini bikes remain boxed up.

But Kato, and others in the business don't believe the law was meant to include them.

"I think the intention of the law was that children would chew on toys. But I don't think they intended children were going to chew on motorcycle engines or motorcycle brakes" said Kato.

Until further notice, cycle are not even allowed to keep the smaller cycles on the showroom floor.

And making matters worse in this downward economy, is the fact these mini bikes were one of the stores bright spots according to Kato.

"This is a part of the business that hasn't been that affected by the economy because the children still get their toys and parents were still buying their kids dirt bikes and that's the past that has shut off. it hasn't just tapered off, it just doesn't exist anymore".

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